PARALLEL   BEAMS  /  USO FIUME   (standard or luxury) / Testa - Testa

Parallel behauenes Kantholz Uso Fiume luxus

Round wood is debarked, measured and worked parallel on four sides by our company. The beam consists of one log with wane. Because of the intact wooden fibres the structural stability and carrying capacity of parallel beams with wane is higher than core separated beams.

Double-Cut-Timber: Debarked logs cut on two sides

Parallel beams / Uso Fiume (standard or luxury)

Luxury: The wane is worked with a planning machine to gain a clean and smooth surface.

Application area

roof framework; ceilings; balconies; covering construction; renovations; summer houses; green houses; carports; visibility construction for country house style, concrete formwork; walls;

Length: 3 – 12 m
Dimensions [cm]: 10x10 to 30x30